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Leverage our team to detect and respond to cyber threats

Threat Detection
& Response

Gaining visibility into user behavior, network traffic, and system activity is critical to the rapid detection and containment of security threats. Our managed threat detection & response solutions are effective for both traditional and hybrid (on-prem and cloud) networks. We can also leverage your existing security stack.


Email is one of the most common means attackers use to gain initial access to a system or network. Our managed email security solution gives your email the protection it needs to mitigate this risk.


Security awareness training is a proactive approach to educating employees about the potential risks and security threats associated with company information and resources. The primary goal of this training is to raise awareness among employees, contractors, or other stakeholders regarding the importance of protecting sensitive information, maintaining cybersecurity best practices, and recognizing and mitigating potential security threats.


Continuous vulnerability scanning can result in early detection of vulnerabilities. Early detection of vulnerabilities can lead to early remediation - which prevents successful exploitation. Our vulnerability management solutions cover local and remote hosts, cloud services, and web applications for full spectrum coverage.

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